Kristen Bell was photographed while having a good ol' time with a cute colorful parrot, dressed the part of an animal expert, with her with straw hat, white blouse, coupled together with a stylish pair of Wayfarer sunglasses by Ray-Ban.

As you may know, this style of wayfarers is the single most coveted styles in show business, and just about everywhere else. You can usually find model RB2140 for around $100 buckaroos. Perhaps a bit less if you can catch them on sale.

Its quite evident that Kristen Bell is the cutest little petite actress in all the land, followed by the delightful Hayden Panettiere.

And i can imagine some of you are interested in Kristen Bell's measurements, right? Well I'm not exactly sure what her hips and waist are, but i did find out her bra size is 32B.

A fabulous size for a sensational young lady.

Kristen Bell has a birthday coming up real soon, people! So get your cards in the mail, or e-mail.

July 18 is the big day, and believe it or not she is going to be 30 years old!

She looks like shes 17! Know what i mean?

Kristen Bell is a pretty petite young lady and she appears to have rather small extremities, like hands and feet.

In fact her actual shoe size is merely 6.

I guess that's about average for a woman of her build.

Kristen Bell's career is moving faster than a shooting star, streaking across the universe at lightning speed, and not surprising she is already a high roller in the ranks of hollywood celebrities.

Kristen Bell's net worth is said to be around $8 million.

I have a feeling that she's be increasing that number in the near future.